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Good Food Box

Good Food Box Program

LOOKING FOR GOOD VALUE?  TRY THIS…Good Food Boxes are filled with fruits and vegetables. The Good Food Box may include: Potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, celery, bananas, cauliflower, apples, melon, cabbage, cucumber, grapes, lettuce, green peppers, etc.

Jumbo Box: Includes approximately 40 pounds of produce. Cost: $ 30.00

Family Box: Includes approximately 30 pounds of produce. Cost: $ 25.00

Senior/Single Box: Includes approximately 20 pounds of produce. Cost: $ 20.00

To order, bring your *money* to the Community Centre by order deadline. We will also need your name and phone numbers to contact you. Boxes are available for pick-up on delivery date*, usually after 2 p.m. For those with problems picking their box up, ask for delivery (within the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community only). PAYMENT BY CASH ONLY, PLEASE & THANK YOU!

2014 Good Food Box Dates

Order By Noon on FRIDAY             Pick Up Date:THURSDAY         

Jan .3rd                                                        Jan. 16th

Jan. 24th                                                      Feb. 6th                        

Feb. 21st                                                       Mar.6th

Mar. 21st                                                      Apr. 3rd

Apr. 25th                                                    May 8th

May 23rd                                                    June 5th

Aug. 29th                                                   Sept. 11th

Sept. 19th                                                  Oct. 2nd

Oct. 24th                                                   Nov. 6th



If you are unable to drop by the Front Office during office hours, please call Elizabeth at 403-283-0554, Ext. 225 and she will make arrangements to leave your receipt with the After Hours Facility Attendant and you can come in and pay later in the evening.

For more information, call Elizabeth at 283-0554, (Ext. 225).

Check out the updated website for the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary – www.ckpcalgaryca

*Please note that the Good Food Boxes will be delivered to the Centre on Thursdays in 2014.